The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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In reading The Fool might point to the probability of a FALL because there has been so little use of the head, so little reasoned planning  just blind blundering forward.

The physical body is the tie with the physical world and incarnation in the physical body is represented by the symbology of THE FOOL.

The Ones: 1+0=1

MAGICIAN I, we see the candle which is lighted at both ends held high, and this symbolizes the conjoined male and female units of consciousness united in the guiding Aumakua who stands as guardian over the Aunihipili-Auhane pair to help and to wait as they evolve and grow in experience and understanding. 

Here is a man with a hand reaching to heaven for the Guidance and consciousness and substance and force needed to begin life at the lowest levels. The hand pointing downward shows where we begin, at the bottom, to evolve. That we evolve soon as male and female is indicated by the design of the rose and lily of the lower levels. Happily we go two by two. -MFL

Here is a man with a hand reaching to heaven for the Guidance and consciousness and substance and force needed to begin life at the lowest levels. The hand pointing downward shows where we begin, at the bottom, to evolve. That we evolve soon as male and female is indicated by the design of the rose and lily of the lower levels. Happily we go two by two. -MFL

       The Ones: 1+0=1

 It repeats the story. On one side of the wheel we descend as part of the lower kingdoms, becoming in time animals, and eventually ascending with the turn of the WHEEL as men who have an animal body but play host to a unit of Auhane consciousness. Above the wheel sits the Sphinx, and in it is repeated the symbol of the animal body and the conscious mind host. But in the Sphinx also is symbolized the Aumakua, always making the mold into which the lesser brothers grow. The sword is that of Aumakua power and authority. In the four corners, if you will, may be symbolized the other great spirit levels whose entities help create and make the perfect patterns in aka substance so that we may grow into them more perfectly with every revolution of the Wheel, if we consider it as one of many incarnations.

The Wheel stresses the whole of the evolutionary process from the animal world of the Aunihipili through the growth of the Auhane and the final step upward to the Aumakua level. 

The Ones: 1+9=10=1
… the end of the progression. It symbolizes the Aumakua as the Father and the Mother, straight rays for one, curved rays for the other, but conjoined. The message is repeated in the child mounted on the white horse and carrying the winding banner. In older cards, the child is replaced by a pair, a smiall boy and a small girl, arm in arm. Here is the ending in which we graduate from one level to the next, the Auhane now joined with its mate, and the two being joined in the mystic rite of “the marriage which is made in heaven.” They become an Aumakua pair, and theirs is the task of guiding the white horse, which can stand for the Aunihipili and Auhane pair coming up from the grades to learn the next level lessons of living. For us, this is enough. Beyond the level and experience of the Aumakua we cannot see, and it is, indeed, far enough ahead to take all the strength of our limited vision. It is goal enough for our needs.
Remember that these cards fall into this position because all three add to the same number value, that of “2.” Note further that they would fall far apart if placed in the order of the numbers at their tops. The special and secret numerical order now place side by side the card of the LAWs of life, the card of karma and the card of reincarnation. Nothing could be simpler. -MLK
The Twos: 2=2

the word “TORA” on the half hidden scroll of the LAW. That is Hebrew. Our dogma makes it read “TARO” to indicate that the LAW is GUIDANCE administered by na Aumakua to instruct us in the doctrine of NON-HURT.
The cross on the breast of the Priestess is a plus sign to indicate her sex. Behind her is a backing veil drawn to hide the inner or higher levels, and on the veil are pictured ripe fruits, these indicating a fullness of growth and ripening or GRADUATION in the Aumakua realm. The illlars are black and white, or male and female, indicating the association of male and female at union is completed in the step up to the Aumakua state from that of na Auhane. The High Priestess reveals the LAW of proper living which is that of LOVE and Mercy, the feminine side. Her crown is a union of sun and moon, male and female, but with the new moon at her feet, she retains her femininity even in the complete UNION.

The Twos: 1+1=2

JUSTICE XI, in which a balancing of good and evil can very well stand for the bad complexed or spirit-influenced state as against the good condition in which the individual is able to see clearly and act in keeping with the rational decisions he may reach.

Justice stands in its proper place beside the High Priestess. The male figure of the card holds a scales in one hand and a sword in the other. He symbolizes the stern and unbending law of “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” This is a modified “Karma” because the High Priestess adds the Law of MERCY to the matter and gives us the chance to obtain FORGIVENESS FOR SINS OF HURT when we repent and HAVE MADE AMENDS.
The JUSTICE figure is the male member of the Aumakua pair. The pillars behind him are alike in color, symbolizing the state which is often assumed and in which the Union is too complete to be called one of two Selves. His crown has three points and a square. The points remind us of the three selves which make the whole man. The square repeats the evidence that the physical is included in the picture of the whole man.

The Twos: 2+0=2

This is the card of survival after death and of reincarnations, not of a judgement of sinners before sending them on to heaven or hell. The angel figure with wings is the UNITED Aumakua Pair supervising the reincarnation processes. The horn is a male symbol and the cross is again the plus sign of the female. The drawing shows flames as a part of the headdress of the Aumakua, the flames symbolize the LIGHT, which stands for the Aumakus PARENTAL PAIR IN FULL UNION.
Below: the paired cards set side by side by the number code, give us always the contrast between the ideal state and the imperfect.
The Threes: 3=3

This close association of the three cards suggests a sequence of secret meanings and, as we read usually from left to right, we expect the EMPRESS to start the parade of meanings as from the low point of growth and the HANGED MAN to carry the progress a step farther, while the WORLD should give us the end of the growth or evolution in terms of wider knowledge, and of the sequence.

“The EMPRESS III: Here we have a woman wearing a crown of stars and holding a scepter said to embody the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of Love. The symbol is unmistakably duplicated in the heart by the side of her throne, the heart enclosing the symbol of Venus, which is also one of the union of the sexes for creative purposes on the PHYSICAL LEVEL ONLY. On the robe of the woman we see pictured fruit, and at her feet we see ripe grain. This gives us the symbol of the creative activity of the human being on the physical level, the picture of it in its highest and most perfect physical stage of growth or evolution. The Empress insures the fact that this is the highest growth level for this stage. We see in the Empress the stage in which physical perfection is reached. In Huna terms we would say that in this stage the man is not yet aware of the existence of the Aumakua.
The Threes: 1+2=3

...The Hanged Man has awakened to spiritual values. Oddly enough, this explanation of the symbols fits very nicely ... if we consider the card one of a sequence or series in which orderly evolution is depicted. ...But, in the course of growth, he finds that physical things are not enough. His mind begins to function, as the halo around the head in the symbol suggests, and he realizes that there must be something higher and very much worth finding out about. He begins to grow, and in the second stage of the upward journey on the ‘path’ (la or ala, in the Hawaiian) at last, perhaps at the cost of sacrifice of some physical pleasures (such as might be found in indulging in hates and doing hurts to others, greedily taking from others, and the like), he comes to be fully aware of the verity of the Aumakua.

The Huna explanation of the ‘cross’ as a symbol used in secret orders, is that one is hampered in his growth by the complex or by inviting the influence of ‘eating companions.’ One is symbolically crucified by the complexes and by tolerated evil spirits. One must come to recognize these hampering things before one can come down from the cross.

The Threes: 2+1=3

This last of the three cards in the third line of threes of our secret layout is also the last card of the majors of the pack when we follow the order indicated by the Roman numbers. Most writers tend to feel that it must indicate a finishing point for a series of symbolized teachings, but they do a very poor job of making the card sum up and round off a great body of truths. Many are content to give it an astrological meaning and to let it go at that.

The Huna belief [is] that each of us must grow to be ready, eventually, to qualify as an ‘utterly trustworthy’ half of a Parental Pair. We are allowed to glimpse the shining goal in which can be seen the perfect and ideal love for which all yearn, and which we must learn to offer if we are to receive it in turn. On the long upward path of growth we strive so often to find and to express this perfect love which allows no sword to lie between to cause a cutting apart into separateness. We suffer and give up the quest, only to find that it never dies within us. We must go on.”

The Fours: 4+0=4
Pairs: Emperor + Death

The Fours: 1+3=4
Pairs: Emperor + Death

The Fives: 5+0=5
Pairs: Hierophant + Temperance

The Fives: 1+4=5
Pairs: Hierophant + Temperance
[These cards] repeat the symbol of the mana and its proper use. The angelic Aumakua of TEMPERANCE illustrates well the perfect way to use the mana. Note that three lines in the drawing of the water being poured from one cup to the other can indicate our three grades of mana. The flow is first up to the Aumakua and then back, the result being contact and Help and Guidance which will be needed to tread the long “path” to the mountain top. The figure holding the cups is identified as an Aumakua by the circle of the sun (LIGHT) on the forehead. The triangle, point upward, on the breast again reminds us that three selves are needed to make up a whole man.

THE HIEROPHANT repeats the card of the HIGH PRIESTESS, but in this case with a male figure, the male half of the Aumakua. Again we note that the pillars behind him are of the same color, not indicating a separation of the two parts of the Aumakua. The crown has three rings and three upright pieces at its top, symbolizing the idea that the knowledge of the fact that there are three selves is a part of the mysteries. The right hand is lifted to show two fingers united, indicating the final UNION of na Aumakua.  The cross held in the left hand has three bars, sym1bolizing once more the three selves. There are three crosses also on the long tab falling in the front of the robe. They do not show in our illustion, but are on the original. The two figures kneeling before the Hierophant appear to be male, but the robe of one is decorated with a lily the other with a rose, so we see that they must be man and woman – a symbol of the fact that we progress two by two instead of one by one after initiation into the meaning of the mysteries. If we look for a contrast between the cards of TEMPERANCE and the HIEROPHANT, we see it in the finished evolution of the Temperance Aumakua and the humble approach to the very beginning of knowledge shown by the Aumakua waiting to act as guide to the two kneeling figures. The kneeling figures may be thought of as the simple worshipers of churches who still do not have the needed knowledge to progress without an earthly pastor.

The Sixes: 6+0=6
Pairs: Lovers + Devil

The Sixes: 1+5=6
Pairs: Lovers + Devil

The Sevens: 7+0=7
Pairs: Chariot + Tower

The Sevens: 1+6=7
Pairs: Chariot + Tower

The Eights: 8+0=8
Pairs: Strength + Star

The Eights: 1+7=8
Pairs: Strength + Star

The Nines: 9+0=9
Pairs: Hermit + Moon

The Nines: 8+1=9
Pairs: Hermit + Moon

As pairs of opposites, their contrast makes sense. In the STRENGTH picture we see the two peaks united as ONE. The figure 8 lying sidewise over the head of the figure indicated a long period of progression (rather than an “eternity”). The Aumakua in the feminine aspect is symbolized. She overcomes the lower animal urges of the Aunihipili and the end of the path is near. 

But, in contrast, THE STAR figure has behind it one poorly formed far mountain and in the sky, stars lacking shape and meaning. The water being poured into water and onto the land is wasted,   symbolizing the low and middle mana wasted because none is sent upward to the Aumakua. There is a bird sitting on a tree at the right, symbol of “spirit,” in this case the Aumakua watching and waiting until such a time as knowledge is gained and the proper beginning of progress can be started.
The Aumakua is symbolized as an old man who has reached the end of the “path” on the top of the mountain. In his hand he hold a lantern, again the identifying symbol of the Aumakua.

In contrast to the HERMIT card of arrival at the end of the upward path, the MOON card symbolizes the very start of the upward growth, the way being beset by the animal natures and marked by a male and a female tower, showing that the journey is one involving man and woman, so that they may eventually learn the perfect love which allows the complete UNION.

As has been pointed out, the paired cards set side by side by the number code, give us always the contrast between the ideal state and the imperfect. The HERMIT is the ideal state at one end of the “path” while the MOON is the difficult beginning in which the crab striving to come up out of the water has much to overcome. The crab moves as easily backward as it does forward, and was chosen by the card designer to symbolize the many false starts and backslidings as we endeavor to progress.

It seems to be that the cards of each of the four suits are divided, in so far as divinatory value is concerned, into four steps of progression. Notice that in all four suits you can say that a project or line of action begins with the Ace or No. 1 card, be it cups, swords, wands or pentacles. It has its first ending or middle of the series of events indicated with the FIVE card. A fresh start is indicated for the progression of those particular events with the SIX card, and the TEN card ends the series and lowers the curtain on that train of activities, events, efforts, desires or troubles.

The four cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King, which follow the TEN as I have shown them laid out in our illustrations, have to do with the people involved in the series of events as indicated by the 10 preceding cards of the suit. For instance, the Page is usually read to indicate a young and inexperienced person who has, perhaps, undertaken something which the series of ten cards preceding should indicate. He is young and not too experienced, and this may be read as showing that the customer is engaged in trying some project without proper experience, but often with youthful enthusiasm which may carry him through, with or without success, as the run of the cards may indicate. The Knight, on the other hand, is a seasoned warrior and in all suits indicates a better chance of success. The Queen may be a “friendly woman” or may stand for the feminine part of the background of a project or series of events. She is loving and helpful or jealous and inclined to dictate, according to her suit and the cards falling with her in the runs. The King is much the same as the Queen, only with all the male angles tied to him. He may be friend or foe, helpful or not, according to the cards falling with him in runs or later draws to illuminate first meanings.
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