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A Little Bit About Holman Heaven

Holman was born in Salt Lake City, Ut. He was named Ronald Meyerhoffer.  In 1999, Ronald was in Massage School studying Hawaiian Lomi Lomi  which is a special form of Body Work developed by Hawaiian  Shamans known as Kahuna priests and flows outward from the heart space and into the hands.  The name is a self-appointed contraction of Humanity and humankind. Holman is a name to grow into. Holman become Holman Heaven when a client murmured quietly "I am in Holman heaven."  The name stuck. He has thought about himself that way ever since

Long before Holman became  Holman Heaven, when he was still a little guy, his father introduced him to Wendy Carlos (Switched on Bach) , Manheim Steamroller (Fresh Aire), and the artist Tomita (the Mind of the Universe). Holman was hooked on electronic music. Over time, it occurred to him that it would be fun to mix synthesizers  and symphonic instruments to create music that stimulates the mind and bridges the gap between classical and newage music. This is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream.

Holman has walked on fire many times and  graduated from the University of Arizona with a Masters in Communication.
Holman lives in Scottsdale, AZ

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