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Major Arcana
   0  The Fool

0  The Fool
The beginning of something. It may be a good or bad start, as indicated by the cards which follow. Not well planned out. Misguided. Heading for a fall. The Fool stands alone. Even with a dog nipping at his heels, completely, oblivious to his surroundings, he’s about to step off a cliff. He is unwilling to listen to warnings.
In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction 
  • entering a new phase
  • striking out on a new path
  • expanding horizons
  • starting something new
  • beginning an adventure
  • going on a journey
  • heading into the unknown 
  • living in the moment
  • letting go of expectations
  • doing the unexpected
  • acting on impulse
  • feeling uninhibited
  • surprising someone
  • feeling carefree 
embracing FOLLY 
  • trusting the flow
  • staying open
  • letting go of worry and fear
  • feeling protected and loved
  • living in joy
  • recapturing innocence
  • believing 
  • accepting your choices
  • taking the "foolish" path
  • pursuing a pipe dream
  • being true to yourself
  • taking a "crazy" chance
  • trusting your heart's desire 
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