Minor Arcana - Pentacles (Diamonds) - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Tarot Card Meanings
Coins or pentacles are concerned with practical, concrete things, and with the body.

The Field of Action represented by Pentacles (Diamonds) is: money, wealth, acquisition. Study the image of each card as you read their meanings.
Max Freedom Long wrote of the Pentacles:
PENTACLES: These mark the events and efforts where money or the means of getting or doing things may be concerned. Here we watch for the progress of making and investing money, spending or giving it away, etc. With bad accompanying cards, we see loss of money.
Kahuna Lani says that money is the means of getting things done in Western Civilization. Pentacles has to do with accomplishment and the means to accomplishment. Money provides the means of Service, and Huna teaches that money is good for us, and that we make good use of our money. Money is no an ends in and of itself. It is however, the way the Created World balances value received and effort expended. The Created World does not support self­destructive behavior. People, who receive Service for free, get what they pay for, especially when the Aumakuas are involved. The Aumakuas may not know the value of a dollar, for after all, it’s been many lifetimes since they’ve lived on the physical plane. They do however perceive an exchange. This precept applies to individual, group, and organizational efforts.

Ace or I – money hopes and plans start the effort going

II – progress with juggling of funds and means to get plans started

III – working to earn funds under guidance of others, Service, Hope

IV – things tighten up. One hedges and holds on uncertainly to cash

V – half through, things look bad. Poverty threatens chance of gain

VI – new beginning is made. Money divided for self or given others

VII – efforts look promising. Looks like a good crop ahead. Waiting

VIII – plans go well. Making money and saving it in a small way

IX – enough money but discontent. Some satisfaction still lacking

X – effort ends successfully. Money, family, home – all won. Luck

PAGE – inexperienced start to get money

KNIGHT – experienced start

QUEEN – has money and dreams of using it

KING – has money and power
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