2 Two of Cups - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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   Two of Cups

The Two of Cups represents partnerships. When the Two of Cups is drawn, it can mean that a healing of a relationship is needed; or that there is a necessity for a partner. “Things are best done in two’s.”  In a reading, it might mean a move toward friendship and cooperation. 

    - Progress begins well for the desired love or other thing. Two work together. May include healing and nursing.

Two of Hearts: H + N. HEN. The partner. The Belovèd. Doing things together. To shoulder your burdens, yes, but to have someone you can trust to help you is a grace.

calling a TRUCE
acknowledging an ATTRACTION
  • joining with another
  • celebrating a marriage or union
  • cementing a friendship
  • establishing a partnership
  • working together
  • sharing
  • helping and being helped
  • seeing commonalities
  • healing a severed relationship
  • bringing together opposites
  • letting bygones be bygones
  • coming to a satisfactory agreement
  • declaring peace
  • forgiving and forgetting
  • recognizing a bond that is developing
  • accepting your preferences
  • letting yourself be drawn in
  • moving toward
  • feeling a positive response

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