7 Seven of Cups - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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    Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups indicates that High Choices are to be made. This could represent that the Transient must re-think his or her motivation in life. This is a Life Cusp.

 – hopes rise very high. All seems about to work out perfectly.
7 of Hearts: H + K. HAWK, I see the sky and a hawk circling. I remember a proverb by Heinlein, “All horses can run, but which one will win the race? Differences are crucial.” This is the card of a cusp. Of the fanning out of one’s fate into several different lines. Not the everyday choice. But, even if unknowingly, the choice that changes one’s Fate. the card of High Choices. 

We see in this card high hopes of good things to happen, but without much preliminary work or planning to bring the good things about. “Pie in the sky.” -MLK
having many OPTIONS
falling into DISSIPATION
  • creating fantasies
  • dreaming
  • getting caught up in illusions
  • letting your imagination run wild
  • kidding yourself about the facts
  • building castles in the air
  • waiting for your ship to come in
  • lacking focus and commitment
  • avoiding putting ideas to the test
  • being offered many alternatives
  • facing an array of choices
  • believing in limitless possibilities
  • looking at a wide open field
  • getting to pick and choose
  • overindulging
  • letting everything go
  • becoming disorganized
  • eating/drinking/partying to excess
  • neglecting your health
  • entering into addictive patterns
  • being inclined toward indolence
  • being lazy
  • procrastinating

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