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  Ace of Wands

If the Ace of Wands is drawn in a reading, this usually means there is a need for learning; striving; desire for new projects It is a card of new conceptions or new plans, and augurs great success unless plans go wrong. It calls for  a new beginning.

    – starts with the idea.
Ace of Clubs: C + T. CAT I see a cat on a table; I’m trying to teach it to “roll over and play dead”. Without actually have to shoot the thing, of course. I’m attracted to the image of the cat. I fall into the image. I seem to be standing on a floor. All around me there are unseen forces at play. I can feel them, their urgency, but not see them. They are like little voices trying to tell me things, teach me things, maybe important things. Like little puffs of wind, they surround me, whispering of potentials.
  • inventing a better way
  • expanding your potential
  • opening to greater possibilities
  • conceiving a dream
  • expressing yourself
  • stimulating your imagination
  • allowing a talent to unfold
  • coming up with a solution
  • believing in yourself
  • feeling assured of your abilities
  • being sure of success
  • having high self-esteem
  • having faith in your path
  • knowing things will work out 
proceeding with COURAGE
  • feeling fired up and eager
  • creating an aura of excitement
  • being ready to tackle the world
  • inspiring others
  • sustaining optimism
  • giving 110%
  • tackling a challenging task
  • going beyond your limits
  • being true to your beliefs
  • daring to take a stand
  • facing your fears
  • going for it 
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