3 Three of Wands - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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  Three of Wands

The Three of Wands indicates an expectancy; watchful waiting; looking ahead; waiting for your ship to come in; card of anticipation.

    – watches for ship not coming in as expected.
Tre of Clubs: C + M. COMB. I see a man’s back. He is combing his hair. Waiting for his ship to come in. He doesn’t know what goodness will befall him; he doesn’t know if anything is coming at all. Still he waits. He once made an effort, sent a thought or something into the wind; now, perhaps, it will someday return him, and not in vain.
More than about waiting, they're about growth and maturing, And the 3 of wands is expansion, broadening horizons (Renee). In readings, the Three of Wands can tell you to take the long view. 
EXPLORING the unknown
demonstrating LEADERSHIP 
  • seeking out uncharted areas
  • going in quest of new adventure
  • expanding horizons
  • leaving the secure behind
  • tackling something differ
  • being visionary
  • looking for greater possibilities
  • planning ahead
  • knowing what to expect
  • getting a premonition
  • anticipating obstacles
  • taking the long view
  • showing others the way
  • taking the main role
  • providing needed direction
  • rallying the group behind you
  • assuming a responsible position
  • setting an example
  • serving as a representative

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