4 Four of Wands - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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  Four of Wands

The Four of Wands indicates a celebration of good news; a move toward friendship and cooperation.

    – ship arrives and there is small success and rejoicing.
4 of Clubs: C + R. CAR.  I see a little red convertible car. In it are a couple of people in the front seat, and in the back seat another couple. They’re happy and enjoying themselves. They’re off to a party! In my heart, I am feeling the same communal joy.
seeking FREEDOM
feeling EXCITED
  • rejoicing over a happy event
  • recognizing a success
  • observing an anniversary, milestone or special time
  • congratulating on a job well-done
  • reflecting on accomplishments
  • enjoying some well-deserved rewards
  • taking part in a ceremony or rite
  • getting out of an oppressive situation
  • breaking free of bonds
  • cutting loose
  • opening to new possibilities
  • escaping unhappy circumstances
  • claiming self-determination
  • letting go of 
  • bubbling over with delight
  • feeling thrilled
  • look forward expectantly
  • getting caught up in the moment
  • feeling jubilant
  • relishing the moment
  • being surprised

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