10 of Wands - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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   Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands represents getting your reward; success; gathering the harvest.

     – plan worked out. Full harvest.
10 of Clubs: C + S. CASE. I’m in the grape fields. It is a hot day. I am working hard and sweating the sweet summer sweat. The grapes are almost all in the cases now, which I am loading up. It is the harvest time, and so everything will be in cases ready for the pressing.
feeling BURDENED
  • trying to do too much
  • refusing to say "no"
  • taking all the blame
  • assuming another's debt
  • doing the lion's share
  • having to work overtime
  • shouldering all the work
  • being saddled with an extra load
  • never having time to relax
  • feeling tied to a treadmill
  • being taxed to the limit
  • assuming responsibility
  • being held accountable
  • carrying out an unpleasant duty
  • cleaning up a messy situation
  • being left holding the bag
  • fighting uphill
  • doing everything the hard way
  • experiencing resistance
  • pushing against the current
  • having to work for every gain
  • finding that nothing comes easily
  • laboring

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