18 Moon - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
    18  The Moon

XVIII   The Moon
Reverse of the good as augured by the Hermit. Efforts to progress without Aumakua Guidance. False starts. Predicts a mixture of troubles. Worries. Again we see repeated the symbolizing of the disaster coming from failure to work in harmony with the Aumakua. The three phases of the Moon represent the three selves. The crayfish, climbing out of the water onto land, begins the journey along the path up to the mountains between the two towers or pillars. The wolf and dog are baying at the Moon, not yet on the path to the Light.

In readings, this card often stands for fears and anxieties - the ones that come in the darkest part of the night. Card 18 also stands for illusions. It is easy to lose our way in the moonlight. Be careful not to let deceptions and false ideas lead you astray. Sometimes the Moon is a signal that you are lost and wandering aimlessly. You must find your way back to the path and your clarity of purpose.  

feeling FEAR
believing ILLUSIONS 
  • releasing inner demons
  • feeling a nameless apprehension
  • suffering from phobias
  • giving in to the shadow self
  • lacking courage
  • being overcome by anxieties
  • accepting a false picture
  • deceiving yourself
  • having unrealistic ideas
  • misapprehending the truth
  • experiencing distortions
  • chasing after a fantasy
stimulating the IMAGINATION
  • having vivid dreams or visions
  • opening to fantasy
  • plumbing the unconscious
  • entertaining unusual thoughts
  • being outlandish and bizarre
  • losing direction and purpose
  • having trouble thinking clearly
  • becoming confused
  • being easily distracted
  • feeling disoriented
  • wandering aimlessly

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