3 Three of of Pentacles - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Three of Pentacles

 The Three of Pentacles signifies teamwork; earning funds under guidance of others; service.

     – working to earn funds under guidance of others, Service, Hope.
Tre of Diamonds: D + M. DIME. one dime alone can’t accomplish as much as many together; the more dimes the better. Cooperation, camaraderie. The huki[1], the common pulling together.  

 [1] huki (HOO-key) to draw, lift up, as a person by the hand; to brace or prop up.
working as a TEAM
  • coordinating with others
  • finding all the needed elements
  • functioning as a unit
  • getting the job done together
  • contributing to the group
  • cooperating
  • combining efforts
  • organizing resources
  • following a schedule
  • operating in the know
  • nailing down the details
  • being an ant, not a grasshopper
  • reviewing beforehand
  • going over possible problems
  • being prepared 
  • getting the job done
  • carrying out an assignment well
  • meeting your goals
  • proving your ability
  • achieving more than what's expected
  • knowing what to do and how to do it
  • being up to the job

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