5 Hierophant - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
     5 The Hierophant
V  The Hierophant
Externals of religion but may offer secrets to the worthy. Shows Higher Guidance to be had for the asking. Organizational structure, may lack content; or structured organization action. The Hierophant is the Pope, wearing his crown and robes of office. He holds his right hand up in benediction, and the left hand grasps the cross of the four elements. At his feet are two crossed keys, representing the Keys to Heaven. Jesus gave this office to Peter who passed it on, hand to hand, to the Pope. Only the Pope can deny entry to Heaven. Roses decorate one acolyte’s robe, while the other’s is decorated with roses and lilies, again, male and female for of the Aumakua. Crosses which decorate the Hierophant’s slippers and thin scapular, symbolize the unihipili and uhane.
A religious leader right in the thick of things.  The Heirophant can be about institutions, like churches, hospitals, universities, etc... (Renee). Except in rare cases, every human grows and develops within a culture. We learn by living with others. The Hierophant represents such official learning, especially in groups. A Hierophant is someone who interprets secret knowledge. his realm is structured groups with rules and assigned roles.

In readings, the Hierophant often represents learning with experts or knowledgeable teachers. This card also stands for institutions and their values.

getting an EDUCATION 
  • pursuing knowledge
  • becoming informed
  • increasing understanding
  • studying and learning
  • seeking a deeper meaning
  • finding out more
  • sharing a cultural heritage
  • learning a religious tradition
  • honoring ritual and ceremony
  • identifying a world view
  • following a discipline
  • knowing where to put your faith 
identifying with a GROUP
  • following the rules
  • taking an orthodox approach
  • staying within conventional bounds
  • adapting to the system
  • fitting in
  • going along with the program
  • doing what's expected
  • being part of the Establishment 
  • being committed to a cause
  • devoting energy to a group
  • joining an organization
  • working as part of a team
  • feeling loyal to others
  • being in an institutionalized setting

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