20 Judgement - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
    20  Judgement

XX Judgment
Good chance for starting all over. May augur taking up again a project dropped in the past. Opens the way. Something old may be resurrected. Resurrection of the dead, at the call of Gabriel’s horn. Something once given up on may be renewed.
Judgement requires inner awakening, accountability,  and reckoning (Renee). In readings, Card 20 can be a reminder that judgments are necessary; sometimes you must decide. At such moments, it is best to consider the matter carefully and then commit yourself without censure.

making a JUDGMENT
hearing a CALL
having a day of reckoning
separating the wheat from the chaff
making an honest appraisal
getting off the fence
using critical faculties
taking a stand
making hard choices
recognizing your true vocation
feeling inner conviction
feeling an impulse to act
deciding to make a difference
feeling drawn in a new direction
knowing what you must do
answering a need
feeling REBORN
awakening to possibilities
enjoying renewed hope
making a fresh start
seeing everything in a new light
discovering joy
feeling cleansed and refreshed
releasing guilts and sorrows
forgiving yourself and others
atoning for past mistakes
unburdening yourself
feeling sins washed away

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