2 Two of Swords - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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      Two of Swords

The Two of Swords indicates that the Transient is well armed but unable to fight or defend oneself.

 – sees well armed but unable to fight intelligently.
Deuce of Spades: S + N.  SUN. I see the sun reflecting off two swords being held by a woman, then into the image of the glinting blade.
This is the world of misconception. Of a mistake in the evaluation of something---anything. To make plans based on an incorrect evaluation of reality. The “Maginot Line,” where France prepared to fight WW I and win this time! Only it was now WW II. This is the card of that thought. To be well armed, but unable to actually defend oneself. The card of self-deceptions
BLOCKING emotions
AVOIDING the truth
being at a STALEMATE
  • denying true feelings
  • stifling a natural response
  • keeping another at arm's length
  • hiding distress
  • turning a deaf ear
  • being defensive
  • maintaining your cool
  • refusing to look at facts
  • pretending everything's fine
  • ignoring the warning signs
  • closing your eyes to what's going on
  • avoiding an unpleasantness
  • choosing not to know
  • feeling afraid to act
  • reaching an impasse
  • staying stuck
  • refusing to decide
  • being unwilling to rock the boat
  • staying on the fence

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