6 Six of Pentacles - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles indicates a need to give or receive charity; spread/share the wealth.

     – new beginning is made. Money divided for self or given to others.
6 of Diamonds: D + SH. DISH. a Collection dish. The giving of the tithe, the charity. Or maybe the necessity to seek charity. This is, I fall into, the give and take of gifts and giving and receiving. The giving heart. The receiving heart. 

Generosity (Renee).
having/not having RESOURCES
having/not having KNOWLEDGE
having/not having POWER
  • giving/receiving
  • taking care of/being taken care of
  • sponsoring/being sponsored
  • supporting/being supported
  • offering/receiving a gift or reward
  • acquiring/not acquiring what you need
  • teaching/learning
  • imparting/receiving information
  • becoming/finding a mentor
  • offering/taking advice
  • showing/being shown the ropes
  • knowing/not knowing a secret
  • leading/following
  • dominating/submitting
  • acting with authority/deference
  • asserting/denying your wishes
  • coercing/being coerced
  • doing all the talking/listening

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