10 Wheel of Fortune - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
    10 The Wheel of Fortune

X  Wheel of Fortune
Plans for material progress will work out well, but especially if Aumakua Guidance is obtained. Congregation of all spiritual forces. Around the outer rim of the Wheel of Fortune is the word TARO or ROTA (Latin for wheel), and the Hebrew letters of Jehovah’s name (the Tetragrammaton). The akua makua[1] of the four creatures represented on Card XXI, the World, appear in the four corners. They each hold a book of Law. Above the wheel is the Sphinx, a serpent and Anubis on either side. Alchemical symbols appear within the Wheel.

[1]              Akua makua (a-KOO-ah mah-KOO-ah) deities of lessers, in this case, animal deities
feeling a sense of DESTINY
being at a TURNING POINT
  • using what chance offers
  • seeing life's threads weave together
  • finding opportunity in an accident
  • opening to luck
  • sensing the action of fate
  • witnessing miracles
  • reversing
  • moving in a different direction
  • turning things around
  • having a change in fortune
  • altering the present course
  • being surprised at a turn of events
feeling MOVEMENT
  • experiencing change
  • having the tempo of life speed up
  • being swept up in new developments
  • rejoining the world of activity
  • getting involved
  • seeing how everything connects
  • becoming more aware
  • uncovering patterns and cycles
  • expanding your outlook
  • gaining greater perspective
  • discovering your role and purpose

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