8 Strength - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
   8 Strength

VIII   Strength
Strong, planned effort to overcome something in oneself or also to overcome under  Guidance material blocks. Self-discipline needed. Quiet, unstopable power. The lion (unihipili) is being subdued by the woman (uhane). The symbol for the Aumakua floats above her head.
Inner strength comes from an exercise of the heart muscle. It is perseverance, courage, resolve and composure - qualities that help us endure when times are tough. In the past, a person with inner strength was commonly said to have character, patience, and compassion; dealing calmly with frustration takes great strength
showing STRENGTH 
  • knowing you can endure
  • having a gallant spirit
  • feeling an unshakable resolve
  • taking heart despite setbacks
  • having stamina
  • being a rock
  • giving others lots of space
  • tolerating
  • understanding what others are feeling
  • accepting
  • forgiving imperfection
  • being kind

achieving SOFT CONTROL
  • dealing calmly with frustration
  • accepting others
  • taking time
  • maintaining composure
  • refusing to get angry
  • showing forbearance
  • persuading
  • working with
  • guiding indirectly
  • being able to influence
  • tempering force with benevolence
  • demonstrating the strength of love

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