14 Temperance - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
    14  Temperance
XIV  Temperance
Contact will be established with the Aumakua and good on inner and outer levels will come. Aumakua is involved in the situation. Temperance represents the Aumakua. Upon his breast, the triangle representing the three selves. Above it is the Tetragrammaton. He’s pouring water from one cup to another, symbolizing the conversion of mana to mana loa. One foot is in the water, the other on solid ground. In the background, the Path leads to the mountains and the Light at its end. Temperance shows nicely the progression from earthly success (the Empress) to interchange of mana with na Aumakua, which enables one to grow toward the final state of union
There are certain people who exude a kind of quiet composure. They may not say much, but they go about their business with an air of calm deliberation. Their presence is comforting because they are so centered. This is the energy of Temperance: to show moderation and self-restraint.
In readings, Temperance can represent a need for moderation or balance, especially when extreme cards are present (such as the Knights). In conflict situations, Temperance suggests that compromise and cooperation are vital. To temper can mean to modify by adding a new component

maintaining BALANCE
  • finding the middle ground
  • showing moderation
  • avoiding excess
  • mitigating a harsh position
  • looking for the golden mean
  • reaching a compromise
  • offsetting an extreme
  • experiencing harmony
  • achieving equilibrium
  • bringing together opposites
  • recognizing all sides
  • fostering cooperation
  • feeling centered and secure
experiencing HEALTH
  • gathering together what is needed
  • joining with others
  • consolidating
  • finding the right mix
  • creating synthesis
  • getting it all together

  • renewing energy and vigor
  • healing
  • enjoying well-being
  • recovering
  • flourishing 
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