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Tarot Card Meanings
The Field of Action represented by Cups (Hearts) is:  
hopes, dreams, emotions, wants, and plans.
Max Freedom Long wrote of the Cups:
CUPS:  A series of events or efforts having to do with (1) our LOVE and (2) our DESIRES, which may be for religious growth, good things for those we love, or for the love of others. The family and the group are indicated here as well as the personal, inward searching for the love and contact with the Aumakua. We love and SERVE and help and teach and hope and plan under the CUPS.

I or ACE  – is the inspiration or idea or desire for Cup things

II – progress begins well for the desired love or other thing. Two work together. May include healing and nursing

III – GOOD PROGRESS AND REJOICING as of family or group. All is well

IV – new idea enters plan. Things are not as good as thought to be

V – half way through cycle, but plans partly upset. Needs new start

VI – new start planned and begun, new places, new elements. Promise

VII – hopes rise very high. All seems about to work out perfectly

VIII – something found still to be lacking. Going out to find or get it

IX – successful end of quest near. Contentment. Everything good

X – end of the endeavor. Plans work out well. Everyone benefited

PAGE – inexperienced young person tries for love, perhaps passionate

KNIGHT – experienced and strong individual proffers love and help

QUEEN – a woman clings to her inner dreams of love and good for all

KING – a strong, fatherly, friendly man supplies love, help, etc
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