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Eight of Cups
The Eight of Cups indicates a need to search for something else.

    – something found still to be lacking. Going out to find or get it.
8 of Hearts: H + F. HOOF. turning away from what is in front of you. Not to abandon it, but to complete it, and thus to leave it for a time unfinished. A card of neediness to finish something; of the necessity to find or understand something before something can be completed.It is appropriate that the figure on the Rider-Waite Eight of Cups is walking near a marsh or pool, because a stagnant swamp is the best symbol for the emotional stagnation portrayed here. This happens when the flow of energy and love that pushes us forward stops, and when you simply start drifting through life on the placid ocean, waiting for the wind to return. In such times, waiting is usually not the best solution because it is unlikely that anything will get done if you just sit there. This is one of those times when you might just have to break out the paddles and row. 
  • focusing on personal truth
  • leaving the rat race
  • looking for answers
  • concentrating on what is important
  • starting on a journey of discovery
  • finding out the facts
  • devoting more time to the spiritual
  • realizing the current cycle is over
  • abandoning a hopeless situation
  • disentangling yourself
  • starting on a trip of unknown length
  • letting go
  • finishing up and walking away
  • feeling drained by demands
  • dragging through the day
  • feeling tired and listless
  • lacking energy
  • losing hope
  • getting weighed down by worries
  • becoming burned out

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