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 Seven of Swords
The Seven of Swords is the card of opposition, theft, deceit, treachery, betrayal of faith or trust. “Sees tricks being played by one or by the fates and enemies or obstacles.”

 – sees tricks being played by one or by the fates and enemies obstacles. Bad luck.
7 of Spades: S + K. SOCK. An image of dirty socks, falling into that image. The dirtiness of deceit. What is deceit that it should be so dirty? Such a vice? What is our primary virtue? The ability to recognize reality. What is our primary duty to all our brothers and sisters in Io (all the other Children of God? To help them do their primary duty. 5 of Spades means, "someone is betraying you."
"self-delusion" or "self-deception" or "wishful thinking in vain" is the
7 of Spades.
What then is “deceit”? It is so corrupt one another’s sense of what is true. To take their perceptions and to mold them into what is not true, but to do it in such a way as to make personal gain.  The 5 of Spades is to conspire with one’s detractors. The effect of the 7 of Spades is to actually corrupt another to turn his primary and most fundamental virtue against him. To encourage trust, in order to take advantage of that trust to use it for one’s own purpose. 
being a LONE WOLF
  • shirking responsibility
  • sneaking off
  • leaving
  • avoiding obligations
  • being afraid to face the music
  • taking the easy way out
  • hiding from the truth
  • procrastinating
  • feeling you don't need anyone else
  • wanting independence
  • deciding not to help
  • keeping something to yourself
  • preferring solitude
  • staying aloof
  • wanting to go it alone
  • holding people at arm's length
  • deceiving or being deceived
  • covering your tracks
  • maneuvering behind the scenes
  • being two-faced
  • seeing others take the rap
  • controlling without appearing to
  • avoiding a shameful secret
  • lying or stealing

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