13 Queen of Cups - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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  Queen of Cups

Queen of Hearts: I stand outside the core of femininity. Of that dual nature of steadfastness and desire for beauty and progeny. The grace of the fecund (adj 1: capable of producing offspring or vegetation 2: intellectually productive; "a prolific writer"; "a fecund imagination" [syn: fertile, prolific]). 

    QUEEN – a woman clings to her inner dreams of love and good for all.

I felt it in its metaphysical quality in Hawaii, when I was in the Cave of Kapokohelele. Here I chanted the Chant of Opening, and here, in Madame Pele’s own Heiau, I was embraced by this overwhelming female mana and grace. I feel something akin to it each time I do a Firewalk. Wahinenuiho`alani is likewise a source of the feminine enchanting embrace, the same, yet different, although I can’t explain it. The feminine, the receptive. 
In addition to the general meaning of the Queen, as Woman or Feminine Principle or Energy, the card can also represent someone secretly working on the Transient’s behalf.
  • turns away wrath with caring
  • is unconditionally accepting
  • is sensitive to the feelings of others
  • dispels anger and hate
  • has infinite patience
  • is easily moved by another's pain
  • reacts with sensitivity and compassion
  • is kind and gentle with all creatures
  • can never turn away someone in need
  • feels what others are 
  • feels oneness with God and the universe
  • has reverence for all life
  • finds joy in communion
  • appreciates the deeper meanings of life
  • sees the world as a holy place


  • is open to the unconscious
  • has a well-developed sixth sense
  • can have a telepathic bond with another
  • has a finely-tuned sensibility
  • is a natural medium
  • is always tuned to emotional undercurrents
  • senses the climate of a situation
  • is guided by the heart
  • trusts an inner sense of what is true
  • understands without having to ask 
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