10 Ten of Swords - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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 Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords is called the End of Strife card.  It indicates the ultimate defeat of self or others.  No more suffering.

     – is double meaning card. Ends try, with self or enemy obstacle on top.
10 of Spades: S + Z. SUDS. “The Frothing,” The frothing of  Io. This is a card of Graduation. The End of Strife. The end of protoplasmic rebirth, and Graduation into the Aumakua. Look at the image on the Kalo card. Look at the man lying on the ground, with all the swords in him. It looks grim. Maybe so, if you don’t “get it.” Look now at his right hand. What do you see? The symbol of Graduation. The two made into one.
feeling like a VICTIM
being a MARTYR
  • having nowhere to go but up
  • knowing it's darkest before the dawn
  • being at the lowest point
  • feeling things can't get worse
  • preparing for an upturn
  • reaching the pits
  • bemoaning your fate
  • feeling powerless
  • seeing life as hostile
  • suffering from an attack
  • wondering "Why me?"
  • feeling self-pity
  • being on the receiving 
  • putting your own interests last
  • being self-deprecating
  • feeling like a doormat
  • taking a back seat
  • letting others go first
  • sacrificing

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