7 Chariot - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
    7 The Chariot

VII   The Chariot
The three selves working in perfect accord; success under Guidance in matters where man and woman work to accomplish something. Journeys. High travel or the Path. The Chariot is drawn by two sphinxes, rein-less. The wings and circle which represent the Aumakua, is above the symbol of the male/female union. The charioteer’s skirt is covered with alchemical symbols, and upon his shoulders, the masks of tragedy and comedy.
achieving VICTORY
using your WILL
  • reaching your goal
  • winning
  • being successful
  • dominating
  • coming out on top
  • beating the competition
  • being determined to succeed
  • focusing your intent
  • rising above temptation
  • letting nothing distract you
  • sustaining an effort
  • concentrating your energies
  • fixing on a goal
achieving HARD CONTROL
  • being ego-focused
  • establishing an identify
  • knowing who you are
  • feeling self-confident
  • having faith in yourself
  • looking out for your interests
  • mastering emotions
  • curbing impulses
  • maintaining discipline
  • holding in anger
  • getting your way
  • assuming the reins of power
  • showing authority

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