8 Eight of Pentacles - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Eight of Pentacles
The Eight of Pentacles represents learning, apprenticeship; working on vocational craft; earning a living; saving money in a small way.

     – plans go well. Making money and saving it in a small way.
8 of Diamonds: D + V. DOVE. Little carved doves. The exercise of one’s craft. I see coins with doves on them being made for the Church. The working and development of one’s craft. 
increasing KNOWLEDGE
paying attention to DETAIL
  • making an effort
  • working hard
  • applying yourself totally
  • being absorbed in a project
  • dedicating yourself to a task
  • plugging away
  • producing steady results
  • taking a course
  • learning a new craft or skill
  • receiving training
  • pursuing greater understanding
  • researching
  • finding out the facts
  • increasing expertise
  • being painstaking
  • being extra careful
  • approaching a task methodically
  • getting down to the nitty-gritty
  • handling all the loose ends
  • checking and rechecking
  • noticing the fine points

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