4 Emperor - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
    4 The Emperor

IV  The Emperor     
Success in sphere of men and their masculine works. Money, power and position. Material good fortune. A friend. Authority. On his throne, the Emperor holds the scepter and orb of his authority. On his throne are two ram heads, the symbol of Aries.

The EMPEROR gives us in symbols the very top of accomplishment. The man is old and wise and armed and most powerful of all. There is little still to be gained by him. In his hand he has the scepter of union — the united male and female, BUT he is not able to take the final step to become a Aumakua. 
  • bringing security and comfort
  • offering explanations
  • establishing a family line
  • setting direction and tone
  • protecting and defending
  • guiding growth 
  • establishing law and order
  • operating from sound principles
  • applying rules or guidelines
  • working within the legal system
  • setting standards of behavior
  • following a regimen

emphasizing STRUCTURE 
exercising AUTHORITY
  • creating order out of chaos
  • categorizing
  • being systematic
  • providing shape and form
  • being organized
  • applying reason
  • coordinating
  • sticking to a plan
  • taking a leadership role
  • commanding
  • exerting control
  • representing the establishment
  • being in a position of strength
  • coming in contact with officials
  • setting direction 
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