11 Page of Pentacles - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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 Page of Pentacles

Jack of Diamonds: The need, desire, and search for wealth. The beginnings of making money, or the necessity to do so.

      PAGE – inexperienced start to get money.
The Page of Pentacles can represent an unexpected windfall; surprising news of financial success; a new idea for a business; more planning is desirable The kalo sees that everything that is possible to do, involves 4 and no more "Fields of Action".

Diamonds: Money.
Spades: Activity or Aggression.
Clubs: Study, Business, Learning.
Hearts: Loving, Plans, Schemes, Dreams.

Have an Effect
  • make your plans real
  • mold the physical world
  • use your body
  • experience nature
  • achieve tangible results
  • act on your dreams
  • get events in motion
  • take a realistic approach
  • apply the tools at hand
  • find a solution that works
  • use common sense
  • stop daydreaming
  • work with what you have
  • concentrate on what's effective
  • draw to you what you need
  • increase your means
  • grow and expand
  • enrich yourself
  • go out to meet success
  • seek abundance
  • become secure
  • accept that the solution is well in hand
  • have faith in others
  • accommodate uncertainty
  • accept others at their word
  • keep your word
  • prove yourself dependable
  • stick by your commitments
  • establish credibility

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