7 Seven of Pentacles - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles indicates the harvest is almost in; wait for the fruit to mature; card of imminence.

     – efforts look promising. Looks like a good crop ahead. Waiting.
7 of Diamonds: D + K. DUCK. Waiting for the duck to come out from under that bush there. Waiting for fulfillment, waiting for something in the process of getting ready to come to fruition. Waiting for your duck to grow into fullness.
“More than about waiting, they're about growth and maturing, The 7 of pentacles especially is about reaping from the seeds you've sewn” (Renee).
reaping a REWARD
considering a DIRECTION CHANGE
  • evaluating the status
  • reflecting on progress to date
  • reviewing what's been done
  • pausing to check results
  • making sure you're on course
  • finding out where you stand
  • taking stock
  • finally seeing some results
  • enjoying the first fruits
  • getting returns on investments
  • receiving payoffs
  • being able to let up a bit
  • reaching a milestone
  • weighing a different approach
  • pondering alternatives
  • thinking about change
  • opening to a new strategy
  • questioning your choices
  • standing at a crossroads

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