1 Ace of Diamonds - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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 Ace of Pentacles

If the Ace of Pentacles is drawn in a reading, this usually means there is a beginning of new business; enterprise; success in money matters. This card may also represent the Great Path of Huna Righteousness, (ke alanui e pono ia Huna) or for that matter, any path of spiritual enlightenment.

    – money hopes and plans start the effort going.
Ace of Diamonds: D + T. DATE. The Date fruit. Falling into the image of a date. Into the hot sand, the hot land of the Middle East. Dates, olives, honey and the old Silk Road. All these organizations of human effort and planning. All to rearrange scarce resources. To make money. All these ancient plans, the Nile River, the little Arab dhows moving up and down the river all the time making little bits of money. The warmth. 
  • focusing on concrete results
  • having a real-world impact
  • working with the physical
  • achieving tangible results
  • improving the body/health
  • becoming involved with nature
  • having the means to reach a goal
  • enjoying abundance
  • drawing to you what you need
  • flourishing
  • seeing efforts rewarded
  • increasing assets
  • experiencing growth
proceeding with TRUST
  • using common sense
  • getting down-to-earth
  • taking advantage of what works
  • being realistic
  • grounding yourself in the real world
  • accepting the tools at hand 
  • believing in the good faith of others
  • feeling safe and protected
  • knowing you have total security
  • operating from a known position
  • having a support system
  • knowing the situation is stable
  • consolidating a firm base

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