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   Ace of Swords

If the Ace of Swords is drawn in a reading, this usually means there is a need to take action, to engage in life, to face the opposition.  Necessity to fight for self of others.

     – sees need to fight for self or others.
Ace of Spades: S + T. SUIT.  I am attracted to the shining suit of armor. I am surrounded by aggressions and assertions. Pride and Shame. The “winner” and the “loser,” and I can see how these concepts are in flux all the time. Dominance, and winning. The fall of dominance into the domineering. Assertion. The Will to Win. The necessity to win. The struggle of life. The beautiful (necessary) agony (struggle). 
  • being objective
  • thinking your way through
  • finding out the facts
  • analyzing the situation
  • using your intellect
  • applying logic and reason
  • overcoming adversity
  • facing problems
  • resolving a situation
  • finding the strength to overcome
  • surmounting obstacles
  • being undaunted by setbacks
seeking JUSTICE
proceeding with TRUTH
  • righting a wrong
  • championing a cause
  • doing what is right
  • establishing the truth
  • accepting responsibility
  • wanting what is fair
  • dispelling doubts
  • cutting through confusion
  • seeing through illusions
  • having clear understanding
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