6 Six of Swords - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Six of Swords

The Six of Swords indicates that the Transient is not yet there - the journey is half-way through; be patient.

 – sees new start and plans, moves, transitions.
6 of Spades: S + SH. SASH. There is the image of a fine fingerwoven sash on a boatmen. There is a melody moving through my mind, and the journey is your teaching. All my journeys, all the journeys ever taken by anyone. What lay between the going and the coming. 
feeling THE BLUES
  • experiencing a low-level sadness
  • just keeping your head above water
  • working to get through the day
  • feeling somewhat depressed
  • avoiding the lows, but also the highs
  • feeling listless
  • functioning, but not much more
  • dealing with the effects of trauma
  • getting over a tough time
  • picking up the pieces
  • starting to cope
  • beginning to get your health back
  • heading toward a more positive place
  • feeling hope again
  • changing location
  • moving from one place to another
  • taking a trip
  • experiencing a change of scene
  • being uprooted
  • going on a journey
  • entering into a new frame of mind

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