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      Ace of Cups

If the Ace of Cups is drawn in a reading, this usually means there is a lack of the elements of Cups in the Transient’s life. This card can then be interpreted as there is a need for planning, for love, and hope. This can take the form of an active pursuit or a passive need. 

   -The inspiration or idea or desire for Cup things.

Ace of Hearts: H + T. Deeper still I see HAT. Then the image of a Hat. More, deeper, a Magician’s Hat. Out comes the rabbit, and all other good wishes and needs. Out of the heart’s magic hat, come all our plans and hopes and dreams. All our hopes and plans and schemes and dreams.
developing INTUITION
  • getting in touch with your feelings
  • letting your heart lead the way
  • empathizing with others
  • expressing deep feelings
  • responding viscerally
  • trusting your inner voice
  • responding to messages from within
  • experiencing direct knowing
  • enhancing your psychic awareness
  • getting in tune with yourself
  • going with your gut reaction

experiencing INTIMACY
proceeding with LOVE
  • feeling an attraction grow
  • falling in love
  • establishing a bond with another
  • developing a relationship
  • getting close to someone
  • going to a deeper level
  • expressing affection
  • opening yourself to others
  • responding sympathetically
  • letting your love light shine
  • giving to those in need
  • getting rid of negativity
  • forgiving and forgetting 
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