4 Four of Cups - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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    Four of Cups

The Four of Cups represents the need for inspiration; what the Transient see in front of him or her is not enough; help is on way or help is here but is not being taken; pay attention to what is here; surprise.

    – new idea enters plan. Things are not as good as thought to be.
4 of Hearts: H + R. HARE, a rabbit (hare) pops out of a cup. This is a world of synchronicity, of Kismet. Of surprise and the discovery of the unexpected.
  • concentrating on your own feelings
  • wanting for yourself
  • being unaware of others
  • giving out little
  • withholding affection
  • seeing only your point of view
  • ignoring gifts and blessings
  • passively accepting
  • losing interest
  • feeling disengaged
  • making little effort
  • finding life stale and flat
  • lacking motivation
  • feeling little desire
  • being introspective
  • meditating
  • dreaming
  • contemplating
  • pausing to reflect
  • getting lost in reverie
  • withdrawing from involvement
  • losing outer awareness

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