4 Four of Pentacles - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles indicates a need to hold on tightly; or that one is holding on too tightly. Nothing to spare.

     – things tighten up. One hedges and holds on uncertainly to cash.
4 of Diamonds: D + R. DOOR. A vision of a door. But what lies behind the door? Snow, seemingly to be an endless waste of snow. I check my pockets, a couple of Journey Cakes and a few coins and pieces of parched corn. Where am I? In a world of scarcity. I’ll have to hold on tightly to what I have to make it through. . Nothing to spare.
wanting to POSSESS
maintaining CONTROL
  • keeping what you have
  • getting your share
  • acquiring material goods
  • hanging on to someone
  • being greedy
  • penny-pinching
  • declaring ownership
  • saving
  • wanting to be in charge
  • denying weakness
  • directing
  • demanding compliance
  • insisting on your own way
  • imposing structure
  • setting limits and rules
  • creating order
  • maintaining the status quo
  • wanting everything to stay the same
  • refusing to look at new approaches
  • stagnating
  • obstructing new developments
  • holding on to the present
  • resisting the flow

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