9 Hermit - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
    9 The Hermit

IX  The Hermit
Guidance by the Aumakua, recognized or not. Success in the inner or religious activities of life. Until the end of life. Homeostasis. The Hermit stands atop the mountain, carrying a lantern which is filled with the Light of the Aumakua. 
In readings, the Hermit often suggests a need for time alone - a period of reflection when distractions are limited.
  • thinking things over
  • focusing inward
  • concentrating less on the senses
  • quieting yourself
  • looking for answers within
  • needing to understand
  • seeking greater understanding
  • looking for something
  • wanting the truth at all costs
  • going on a personal quest
  • needing more
  • desiring a new direction
receiving/giving GUIDANCE
seeking SOLITUDE
  • going to/being a mentor
  • accepting/offering wise counsel
  • learning from/being a guru
  • turning to/being a trusted teacher
  • being helped/helping
  • needing to be alone
  • desiring stillness
  • withdrawing from the world
  • experiencing seclusion
  • giving up distractions
  • retreating into a private world

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