16 Tower - The Kalo Cards of Kahuna Lani

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Major Arcana
     16 The Tower

XVI   The Tower
is the reverse side of good things of the Chariot, of the happy picture of the three selves working in perfect accord. Plans go wrong for lack of Guidance. Accidents. Illness. If with other difficult cards, deepens trouble. With Death, wars or danger of grave sort. Chaos. The Tower, one of the two, stands atop a mountain. Three windows represent the three selves. The Crown represents the Aumakua, the falling figure in blue the uhane, and the falling figure in the red cloak, the unihipili.
The Tower represents a sudden, dramatic upheaval or reversal in fortune. Usually change is gradual, giving us time to adapt, but sometimes it is quick and explosive. This is the action of the Tower. 
going through SUDDEN CHANGE
  • experiencing upheaval
  • having plans disrupted
  • being surprised
  • undergoing a crisis
  • having routines shaken up
  • being in chaos
  • being humbled
  • experiencing a crash
  • toppling from the heights
  • having a downturn in fortune
  • suffering a blow to the ego
  • suddenly realizing the truth
  • exposing what was hidden
  • having a burst of insight
  • seeing through illusions
  • getting the answer
  • seeing everything in a flash

  • exploding
  • having an emotional outburst
  • erupting in anger
  • crashing through ego defenses
  • breaking through pretense
  • letting everything go 
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