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Tarot Card Meanings
Rods or wands are concerned with creation, energy, the human will and ideas
The Field of Action represented by Wands (Clubs) is: business; projects, the opposition; learning. Study the image of each card as you read their meanings.
Max Freedom Long wrote of the Wands:
WANDS: Here we have the indicators of a mixture of plans and of the efforts to carry them through. We can also see the progress which has been made in carrying out the plans. Money, love, fame, and opposition can all be factors in the train of events this suit sets before the Kalo Card Reader. It is mainly a suit of business efforts.


Here read progression as above for Pentacles, but for projects not quite like getting money. Education, building, travel, and whatever may be in work.

I or Ace – starts with the idea.

II – plans how, but …

III – watches for ship not coming in as expected

IV – ship arrives and there is small success and rejoicing

V – childishly simple things seem to upset plans

VI – new start seen, small success

VII – effort to keep on top of the pile

VIII – sudden changes, travel, moves

IX – the plan is almost worked through

X – plan worked out. Full harvest

PAGE – starts new plan youthfully

KNIGHT  – knows

QUEEN + KING – helpful
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